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Atronix Quality System FAQs

What Makes Atronix Your Quality Choice?

Atronix is the original user of the Quality Workbench is a power-packed addition to the VISIBILITY ERP/ETO application suite which is used by Atronix to manage our business. If your 8business requires a supplier who is oriented toward implementation, maintenance and delivery of the best possible business quality system the answers to the following questions will show you why you should partner with Atronix, Incorporated!

Do your requirements require the ability to...

Incoming Inspection Quality Attribute Definition and Data Collection

Atronix use of Quality Workbench enhances incoming inspection capabilities by allowing you to define part number and supplier specific attributes for data collection at incoming inspection. A part number subject to incoming inspection may have both generic attribute requirements (to be applied to receipts from any supplier) as well as supplier specific quality data collection requirements defined. Parts subject to incoming inspection for which quality attributes have been defined must have all attributes collected as required before final receipt is allowed. These features allow you monitor part and vendor specific quality performance.

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Tooling Definition and Maintenance

Tools of all types can be defined, maintained, monitored and controlled by Atronix using Quality Workbench. Tool calibration and preventative maintenance facilities can be utilized independently within the Quality Workbench module to control and maintain tool use. By defining operation links between bill of material components and Quality Workbench defined engineering routings tool use may be specified, controlled and tracked to assure that only in-calibration tooling is used. There is no limit on what may be defined as a "tool". Examples of tools that can be maintained to your quality standards include hand tools, semi-automated or automated machinery, fixtures, molds, test, inspection, measuring or maintenance equipment.

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Assure the Use of only Calibrated Tooling

Integration of work order bills of material with Quality Workbench routing operations and tools specified to perform operation provides the ability to guarantee the use of only certified "in-service" tooling. User specified Master Control Block settings allow for varied levels of tooling control. As defined tool use business rules are enforced when performing Quality Workbench Move and/or Time Ticket transactions. Whenever a tool is signed out for use the program automatically validates that tool taken is within business defined quality parameters. Control parameters include calibration date or preventative maintenance requirements.

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Maintain Employee Training Requirements, Programs and Skills Certification

Creation and maintenance of quality training programs is key to assuring the success of any quality system. Atronix leverages Quality Workbench to provide facilities for defining training and skills requirements from a number of perspectives including:

  • On-line maintenance of employee skills, training received, and certifications earned.
  • Job definitions based on the User defined skills, experience or certifications required to perform the tasks and responsibilities associated with the job.
  • Employee skill set validation on promotion or hire into a job. Validation may be utilized to either prevent appointment of unqualified personnel or alternatively to allow appointment while establishing training deficiencies and establishing time frames within which an employee must receive required skills training or certification.
  • Automated verification when performing operations on an Atronix Quality Workbench routing that the employee performing the associated process possesses all requisite skills. User defined validation controls allow prevention from task being performed together with automated reporting of unqualified employees attempting to performing such tasks, to simply reporting the performance of skilled tasks by unskilled employees.

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Define Job Descriptions Based on the Skills Required to Perform Responsibilities

Jobs descriptions may be defined by Atronix within Quality Workbench by associating a job with the skills required to qualify for the job and/or the skills expected of an employee hired into the position. Standard Quality Workbench reports list employee training requirements to overcome skills deficiencies within their current jobs or required to qualify for alternative jobs within the business.

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Find Employees who Possess a Required Skills?

Quality Workbench reports provide Atronix with the ability to quickly identify employees possessing a skill or skills. Standard reports also provide for identification of employees possessing all skills and/or certifications defined as required to perform User defined process(es).

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Verify Employees Possess Skills or Certifications Required

Quality Workbench reports provide immediate access to complete employee skills and certification listing. Reports also exist to:

  • Identify employees possessing skill(s) required to performed defined processes
  • Identify employees possessing all skills or certifications to meet the requirements of a User defined job specification

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Guarantee Product Revision Control

Quality Workbench enables Atronix to ensure absolute product revision control with revision controlled routings and revision controlled bills of material (with or without time phased configuration control). Completely integrated with master scheduling, Quality Workbench coordinates changes in resource scheduling requirements based on planned changes in product revision specifications. Workorder production routings are linked based on assembly part number, revision and warehouse. Bills of material are linked based on part number and revision. Changes made to Atronix routings provide for entry of ECO history and automatically archive each routing revision to provide a complete product audit trail.

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Collect & Analyze Quality Data for Work Performed

With Quality Workbench Atronix engineering and production routings facilitate the definition and collection of quality control data to provide the empirical evidence required to monitor your quality system performance. Routing operations may specify performance of defined quality "steps". In addition, product attributes may be specified and collected subject to program validation. All quality data is available for data analysis via a comprehensive set of standard reports including pareto analysis. Quality step and attribute data collection may be subject to User definable statistical process control parameters.

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Quality Pareto by Part Number, Product Line, Product Type, Entity, Warehouse, Workorder or Employee

Collecting quality data is only valuable if you can make productive use of it to improve your business. Atronix uses Quality Workbench to provide a number of standard reports that allow you to reach into your collect quality data and organize it to provide a meaningful view into the health of your business and the products and services it produces. Detail and summary quality data reporting by part number (component or assembly), product line, product type, warehouse, entity, workorder or employee are at your command. Pareto analysis by date range can be reported in near real time to allow close monitoring of changes to overall product quality.

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On-line Revision Controlled Access to All Quality System Documents

Assuring revision control of product and other documents is critical to guaranteeing the success of your business quality system. Atronix uses Quality Workbench revision control for all quality system documents. Use of revision controlled documents is assured by providing immediate on-line access to current revision documents. Atronix processes, process-oriented routings, procedures, work area instructions and incoming inspection requirements are automatically revision-stamped and archived to provide document revision control and assure a complete audit trail.

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Corrective Action Reporting & Resolution

Implementation of a dynamic corrective action system is key to the success of any quality system. Failure to establish and maintain a functional system for documenting and processing corrective actions for continuous quality improvement is frequently cited by ISO Registrars and other industry analysts as a "major" flaw in existing quality systems. Quality Workbench provides Atronix and its Customes with a proactive, workflow enabled corrective action reporting and resolution integrated across the application. Corrective Actions ("CAR"s) can be associated with sales orders, workorders, purchase orders, or any business or quality system issue that requires analysis, feedback and response to affect desired continuous improvement. Enhanced workflow capability prompts responsible Users to provide timely closure of each CAR. IQ access to corrective action details from any perspective guarantees real time access to your quality improvement efforts implemented with corrective actions taken.

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Monitor, Control and Improve the Health of your Business Quality System?

Atronix provides for complete integration of all aspects of a robust and healthy quality system with all of your business transactions.

  • Incoming inspection material quality
  • Supplier quality performance tracking and analysis
  • Production routing and control with integrated quality assurance monitoring and data collection
  • Workflow enabled, integrated and proactive corrective action reporting and response system
  • Job and process "skills" definition enables effective training and skills certification
  • Fully integrated tool use definition and tool calibration and maintenance history
  • On-line revision control guaranteed Level 2 and Level 3 quality system documentation
  • Complete product definition, planning, scheduling and configuration revision control

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Provide a higher degree of accuracy in Standard Product Costing

Atronix product route sheets provide a higher degree of standard product costing accuracy. This is accomplished by providing the ability to designate costing batch size to accurately allocated product setup resource costs on a per assembly basis. Standard process definitions used in the construction of route sheet operations provide for a higher degree of operation costing accuracy by allowing the definition of process standard formulas to accurately calculate true standard times for each operation. Improving your ability to determine accurate standard costs provides immediate value by improving your ability to formulate accurate pricing for quotation.

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View Business, Product, Process and Quality System Documents On-line Wherever they "Live"

Atronix' real time document viewing system provides context sensitive access and display of reference documents that are maintained or contained within the backend database. Secure on-line access for reference to documents such as CAD drawings, images, word processing documents, process flow charts, or web pages located anywhere on your Intranet or the Internet is available for immediate use from most system screens. Mapped documents are displayed in their own viewing window and are automatically updated with each change of screen context you make within the Atronix ERP application. Web enabled administration tools provide simplified document mapping maintenance capabilities. With the Atronix document viewing system you can assure all Users access to the documents they need when they need them!

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