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Atronix Accessory Kits and Kit Fulfillment Product & Service

Assembly Kits and Kit Fulfillment Services

Atronix offers complete procurement and assembly service to produce a wide variety of accessory kits that accompany our customers products. These kits can include a broad range of items such as hardware, brackets, keyboards/mice, ground straps, warranty cards, User instructions, and even complete documentation sets.

This service an ideal way to prevent the occurrence of revenue stopping problems. Atronix' proven ability to provide the planning and management expertise that goes into this service helps you to guarantee timely shipment of your products! Don't let missing components or incomplete accessory or build kits result in lost billings at month, quarter or year end. Send us your drawings or even one of your kits and we would be happy to provide a quotation. Specialized or custom packaging is never a problem. Let Atronix deliver complete product or accessory kits when you need them.


  • I/O cable, adapters and hardware accessories
  • Single container packaging for literature and software
  • User Guides or Maintenance Manuals

Key Benefits

  • One purchase order replaces many to yield complete "sets"
  • Advanced material planning capabilities assures timely delivery
  • Reduction in cycle time to produce complete shipments

Atronix Assembly Kits and Kitting Examples

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