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Atronix Electromechanical & Contract Assembly Product & Services

Electromechanical Assemblies

Atronix specializes in turn-key fabrication of electro-mechanical assemblies and sub-assemblies together with complete contract manufacturing services. Electro-mechanical assembly and contract manufacturing services include procurement of all materials, engineering process and quality assurance specification, fabrication services, inspection and functional testing.

Complete integration and testing of electronic components, PC boards, and discrete components is also available. Through-hole PCB assembly lines at our Atronix de Mexico plant in Nogales provide additional support capabilities and capacity to meet all of your requirements.

Throughout product life cycles from initial design, to prototype, to full production, and through end of life assembly, Atronix can deliver complete product manufacturing support.

Based on Customer commitments Atronix provides "work cell" manufacturing dedicated to the engineering, fabrication and testing of each project. Complete ESD sensitive manufacturing areas can be provided as required to support static sensitive assembly requirements.

Electromechanical and Contract Assembly Examples

  • cable or harness assembly wiring to chassis
  • pump assembly
  • custom power supply wiring
  • chassis assembly and component integration
  • integrated "box build"
  • PDU / power distribution units
  • lighting assemblies
  • backplane wiring and assembly

Whether your products or sub-assemblies involve cable assembly to chassis, backplane wiring, sheet metal enclosure assembly, configuration Atronix has the expertise to deliver the quality you and your customers require!

Key Benefits

  • Single point of purchase for complex assemblies
  • Engineer and Manufacture to Cost Capability
  • Dedicated work cell production control
  • Reduction in purchase product cost
  • Reduction in capitalized overhead costs
  • High quality, ISO 9000 process controlled production and delivery management

Electromechanical Assembly Examples

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