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Atronix Industry and Partner Certifications

Adherence to Standards is Critical to Ensuring Success!

Why be Certified?

Since 1980, Atronix customers have relied on Atronix to provide quality assured products and services. Atronix realizes the high value attributable to sustained certification or registration to a number of industry standards. These certifications not only ensure quality, but also strongly serve to reduce costs and ensure timely delivery of all products and projects.

UL Registered Manufacturer

Atronix is proud to be an Underwriters Laboratories (UL) registered manufacturer of wire harnesses, cable assemblies and electromechanical assemblies.

all of the Atronix companies are UL and CSA recognized manufacturers

CSA Recognized Manufacturer

Atronix is proud to be recognized by the Canadian Standards Association as a certified manufacturer of cable and wire harness assemblies and electromechanical assemblies.

Atronix CSA registration details

Atronix Operators Trained to WHMA / IPC-620A Standard for Unparalleled Quality

All Atronix operators are certified to the WHMA / IPC-620 Assembly Standard. Each Atronix facility is staffed by a minimum of 4 IPC Certified Trainers. All operators are certified to IPC-620 wire harness assembly standards, and many are also certified to IPC-610 assembly standards for manufacturing. Each Atronix facility is staffed by IPC Certified Auditor / Trainers to ensure skilled training for all operators. Strict training and adherence to industry standards are among the many reasons why Atronix quality is second to none!

ITAR Registration

Atronix and the family of Integrated Cable Assembly Holding Companies including Atronix de Mexico are registered with the United States Department of Defense as an International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) registered supplier. This allows Atronix to produce products and OEM assemblies for its customers where ITAR regulation management and control are required. Learn More About ITAR and ITAR Registration

Atronix and Atronix de Mexico together with all Integrated Cable Assembly companies are ITAR registered

RoHS Compliant Material Management and Assembly

Atronix facilities and manufacturing practices strongly embrace the use of RoHS compliant materials and assembly techniques. Material, product and tooling control and proper isolation ensure absolute RoHS compliance. Atronix also maintains managed in-house capabilities to perform assembly in a secure enviroment where the use of leaded solder continues to be required.