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Atronix Turn Key Box Build and PDU Assembly

Box Build and PDU Assembly

electromechanical assemblyAtronix specilizes in ISO 9001 certified box build assembly contract manufacturing services. Box build & integration services range from simplistic chassis subassemblies to highly complex final systems integration. Current box build & integration services include procurement & inspection of standard, conventional off the shelf (COTS) and custom parts, material planning for kanban delivery, and management of direct ship production.

Atronix contract manufacturing services specialize in assembly of both key sub-assemblies and product final assembly and test. Services include detailed inspection, test and certification together with logistics management and direct ship of both made to order and made to stock types of product. Box build and PDU assembly leverage Atronix key strengths for product, process and quality with builds ranging from simple chassis sub-assemblies to highly complex final systems integration.

Key Benefits

  • Procurement and Inspection of standard and custom specified parts
  • Detailed material planning and logistics management
  • Cable and harness integration
  • Custom product configurations
  • High pot testing
  • UL and CSA certified facilities for product manufacture
  • Complete product style capabilities
  • Multiple plant capabilities provide for all volumes and timely delivery

Atronix Box Build and PDU Assembly Examples

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